MORE Exciting News at Pioneer Dental!

Back in September, we shared some exciting Pioneer Dental news and at the most recent House of Delegates meeting, Dr. Meyers was officially installed as the Trustee of WDA! It's been a busy time for our favorite Pioneer Dentist, read more below!

As of October, Dr. Meyers time on the Public Relations Committee of the Wisconsin Dental Association ended.  He was on the committee for six years, and served as the chair for the last two.  Last weekend, it was announced that the WDA had received a Golden Apple Award for its work in promoting preventative care with its newsletter, "Tongue and Cheek".  This award was presented to Dr. Meyers at the House of Delegates meeting on behalf of the entire PR committee!


In addition to the newsletter, and updates to the WDA website, Dr. Meyers has helped craft the public awareness campaign of the WDA, including the "Healthy Choices", "Baby Teeth Matter", "Sip all Day", "Brush and Floss, or Else", and "Own Your Smile" commercials!

Dr. Meyers was nominated for, and accepted into, an international honorary dental fraternity called the Pierre Fauchard Academy!


Lastly, Dr. Meyers was elected to represent the WDA and the American Dental Association House of Delegates meeting next November in Washington DC as an alternate delegate.  Not only will Dr. Meyers be representing the dental profession, he will be representing the state of Wisconsin at the national meeting! There are only 18 delegates and alternates elected each year.

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